At Rātā we believe in General Practice as being at the heart of community healthcare. 


Rātā supports Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi) and the Treaty principles of  partnership, participation and active protection in healthcare provision.


  • At Rātā we have a commitment to quality and personal patient care
  • We put our patients first and strive to be responsive to your needs (and those of your family/whanau)
  • We aim to be sensitive to the needs of different cultures 
  • We aim to be inclusive, accepting and non-judgemental 
  • We promote health and well-being 
  • Where appropriate we aim to approach health problems in a holistic way 
  • We believe in establishing strong long-term doctor-patient relationships to ensure continuity of care 
  • We also have a team approach to enable choice and flexibility, and responsiveness for acute (urgent) problems
  • Our team enjoys working together - with mutual respect, cohesion and joy


We welcome comments, suggestions and feedback. If you feel there are things we could do better, whether to improve our service or to be more sensitive to your needs, then please let us know.


Dr Mike Mawdsley Patient